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  • How Much Is A Full Kitchen?
    People ask us to give an idea of what a brand new kitchen would cost before we come out. This question has many things that can affect it. First we need to determine what role you want us to play in your remodeling project. We can play a role of only supplying you our cabinets for you to install yourself or we can install your entire kitchen from start to finish. You tell us the role you want us to play. If you want us to do your complete kitchen remodel: •We work with you to choose a wood, style, colors, trims, counters, options, etc.... •Custom Design your kitchen layout •Plan & Order all the materials involved (there is a ton) •Store those materials til installation day •Remove the old countertop & cabinets •Cap off and secure all electrical and plumbing •Install the new cabinets •Install the detailed trim work •Level the cabinets •Cut and process the granite or quartz •Install the new countertop •Do a final inspection and approval and possibly many other things added in addition to finalize your entire kitchen project. This also depends on what features you want in your kitchen and design. The same COMPLETE installed kitchen and countertops can run from $14,000.00 - $25,000 all based on what types of wood, style, colors and features you wanted. We focus on giving you the best value for your money and have even come out less expensive then cabinet refinishing companies. •VERY IMPORTANT• It is always best to share what budget you are wanting to work with from the start. We have the same goal as you do and that is to get you a brand new kitchen. So we work hard to design and develop something that fits your budget. Our pricing is not affected by your budget so us knowing will only help you. We have many cabinet manufacturers we deal with and will choose the right one that will help towards meeting your budget. But we have to know in the beginning which direction to go in and help you develop your dream kitchen.
  • How long does it take to get my kitchen remodeled?
    This depends on the style and features of cabinets you want (as well as the countertops). Typical Timetable: •Usually it takes 4-8 weeks to get your cabinets in and ready for installation. •About 2-3 days to remove the old and install them. •About 5-7 days to have the countertop put in (they need to template the area for the counters after the cabinets are installed to make it perfect). •Then if you have a tile backsplash it is usually 1-2 days to install that. Many factors can affect this but this is a good general schedule to follow.
  • Do you take out my old cabinets and counter?
    Yes! We do a full turn key removal and installation of your new kitchen if you'd like us too. We do not take the old cabinets away unless you request this. Many people like to repurpose their cabinets in the garage or shed.
  • Do you do more then install cabinets?
    Yes! We have had to remove walls, set up beams for weight bearing walls, redo plumbing and electrical, tear out and replace entire bathrooms and remodel them from the ground up. We have an incredible team of craftsmen that can get any job done.
  • What is the typical sizes of appliances for my new kitchen?
    Many clients buy new appliances for their new kitchen and want to know what appliance sizes to purchase. We always design our kitchen on standard kitchen appliance sizes: Fridge 36" wide Dishwasher 24" wide Range (stove) 30" wide Above range microwave 30" wide Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. Almost all appliances can be custom ordered in many sizes. But the above sizes are the most common in every home.
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